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Kids Yoga Teacher Spotlight : Rebecca Foright

It's such an honor to introduce you to Rebecca, Becca for short.  She's such an insightful and loving kids yoga teacher.... you can tell immediately how much this practice means to her and her joy and passion in sharing with others.  You can follow Becca and all the "love" she finds on her amazing Instagram account - https://www.instagram.com/t.b.e.x/.  Here she is!!!

"I was born into a family that interacts with the world very differently from the way I do. Feeling like the one black sheep growing up, left me struggling to find my place in my family-let alone in the world. I learned early that I could survive in the world as a quiet, people-pleasing, perfectionist. However, years of living that life left me anxious, voiceless, and still unsure of my worth or place in the world. Yoga has been a defining part of my journey to finding myself, my voice, and my worth. It has pushed me outside of my comfort zone, forced me to show up for myself, and allowed my own unique gifts to shine through. The blending of both strength and flexibility in yoga has helped me find my way through the contradictions in life - to meld my life as a highly sensitive yogi yet spend my days working as a research scientist in a laboratory. I have an undergraduate degree in neuroscience and a master’s in nutrition and exercise science. In my PhD program, my research is focused on the role of exercise and how males and females respond differently to exercise training. I am really passionate about breaking down complicated scientific research so that anyone can understand. I bring my understanding of human physiology to my yoga classes and even to my children’s classes. I have spent much of my life working with children from teaching swimming lessons, to providing behavioral therapy to children with autism, coaching water polo, or running a summer junior lifeguard program. Teaching yoga to children just flowed so naturally for me after I received my 200-hr teacher training certification. Each week my little yogis and I focus on how we can show up in the world. We move our bodies, learn to breathe, imagine magical worlds and still our minds. My hope for my littles is that at the end of our time together they are a little bit closer to knowing that who they are is exactly what this world needs them to be. I often wonder where I would be today if as a child I had yoga and a safe space to be creative, have fun, and be me. I am so happy to be able to provide that space for children and give them tools to help them succeed as they make their way through this messy world."

**Originally Posted 6.4.18

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