Kids Yoga Tools -> #7: Yoga & Mindfulness Activity Cards

We love anything that gives the power of choice.... while also encouraging new activities. There are a lot of option out there... some are general, like the ones pictured (Yoga Pretzels)... and others are specific to an adventure, holiday or theme. To use them you can simply pick from the deck.... and then explore the pose, breath or mindfulness activity together.

** You can also pre-select a handful of cards to help focus on a theme/lesson. ** Slide one under each yoga mat for a great end of class surprise... or an opportunity for older kids to practice the pose solo. ** Slide one in homework that you're returning for a great "congratulations" let's now do some yoga! ** Have your students select one for a friend that reminds them of their strength.

** Use these cards to encourage early reading skills and team work for mixed ages.

** Try putting five of these cards together using a story where each student has to share part of the story through each pose.

** Create an obstacle course or stations using these cards as a guide! Regardless of what you do, it’s a great way to add a bit more direction on where you go in class!

We’d really like to hear from you regarding your success using cards and which products you enjoy. If you’ve used them in a different manner, that’s cool too! Drop us a line! Just comment below! We'd love to hear what decks are your favorite, if you make them yourself, or how else you've used them to share yoga with your students.

You can pick-up this deck of cards from amazon, by clicking here.

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