Training Testimonials:

The women behind this organization are the most heart-centered people you can find. I cannot recommend these trainings highly enough. They will change your life then allow you to go out in the world create ripples in the lives of every little one you encounter. - Becca


Young Yokes and the people who run it are wonderful. When I started my training I was unsure about being a teacher, but I felt supported and encouraged the entire time. It’s very clear that all the women involved in this business are very passionate about yoga and that they love teaching new teachers! Not only are they supportive of developing your skills as a teacher, but they have supported me in developing my own yoga business! I could not recommend them enough! ❤️ - Nicole 


Young Yokes is such an amazing program driven by passion. You can really tell that these ladies are passionate about what they do, and it shines through in their training. I would highly recommend this training to anybody who has an interest in expanding their knowledge or who are looking to try something new. - Carly


Amazing kids yoga program. The level and quality of instruction is unsurpassed. I have learned so much about childhood development and how to assist children in growth, development and healing. There are also a multitude of resources offered to assist in teaching kids yoga.

The instructors are amazing and really care about kids. - Cynthia


Young Yokes is amazing! Their weekend intensive training provided me with the tools I need to start instructing kids yoga. It was the perfect first step on my yoga teacher training path and I’m excited to do more trainings with these amazingly talented and smart yogis. - Kali


Okay, I know it is so cliche to say but I'm going to say it anyways. YOUNG YOKES IS THE BEST! I learned so much during my foundations training weekend that it has inspired me to take not only more trainings from Young Yokes, but to also pursue my adult yoga training at my yoga studio. I work at a preschool where I was able to immediately take what I learned during training and implement methods right away in my classroom. I would highly recommend this to anyone who works with kids, has kids, wants to be a kids yoga teacher, ect. Thanks Jess and Suzanne! - Dylann


What an incredible group of individuals! I absolutely loved my kids yoga teacher training, and plan to do much more with young yokes! - Laura


The ladies at Young Yokes are amazing! The workshops they lead are so informative and the instruction methods are well organized. Each day of the workshop was filled with an abundance of learning activities and group discussions. This is a truly unique and wonderful program; I would recommend it to anyone interested in children's yoga! - Jessica

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