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Things have changed a lot lately, and life looks and feels quite a bit different.   We're here to help!  


Yoga is a great way to connect as a family, calm anxious bodies and use pent up energy.

Here is a list of some of our amazing kids yoga teachers that are offering digital classes through Facebook & Instagram:  

Megan Munster (Mile High Mindfulness) Family Yoga Class

Heidi Wilderman (Breathe, Asana, & Meditate Yoga - BAAM Yoga) School Age Class

Let's Connect With Live, Digital Classes:

Weekly Live Classes, 10am MST:

Mondays, Kiddos (2-5y/o)

Wednesdays, Teens & Tweens (11-18y/o)

Fridays, School Age (6-10y/o)

All classes are offered by

donation on Zoom:

Caregiver & Young People: 

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School Age Kiddos: 

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