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Kids Yoga Resource #1 : The Hoberman Sphere

I have been showcasing these tools on our social media and then figured that it would be pretty helpful to also include the text from those posts here in our blog.  For those of you who follow our social media posts, this might be redundant but also hopefully useful for a reference point.  Well... that's at least the hope! 

The Hoberman Sphere • This is a must have tool for any place that has children... seriously. A basic, necessity... bring the water bottle, pack the Hoberman, all set.

• How to use? Hold either side and as you expand the sphere, breathe in. Slowly close the sphere and breathe out. This is an activity that’s great for little people and adults, too!

• Thanks so much to you Chuck for your brilliant invention! Such a useful tool and you know useful for other things.... like space!

• You can find the two products that we have used in our classes here on Amazon!  Mini Sphere & Large Sphere

**Originally Posted 1.28.2018

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