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Kids Yoga Teacher Spotlight : Chelsea Gorsky

Chelsea has been fearless stepping in and teaching kids classes and we couldn't wait to share more about her.  Her and her littles are a great part of the Young Yokes team and we can't wait until you meet them on their mats soon!

Chelsea, tell us a little about yourself: I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM and moved to CO for college. After 4 years at CSU and a brief time in San Diego, I moved to Denver in 2005 and have been here ever since. I met my husband at the school we worked in together while I was teaching Special Education. After 5 years teaching, I moved into the nonprofit area and now work for The Challenge Foundation, providing scholarships for low income, high achieving students to attend private schools. I act as a case manager to help them be successful in middle school and high school and into college. I love the relationship I can have with the students outside the classroom and that I can help the families too. I also work with a company called Beautycounter (cleaner, safer skin care) because I believe that what we put on and in our bodies really matters for our overall health!

So my husband and I have been married for almost 10 years and we have 2 beautiful daughters, ages 6 and 20 months. They keep us on our toes but also teach us something every day! My oldest really loves yoga and I look forward to practicing more with her. She responds well to breathing techniques and the stretching so I would like to find more time to make this a daily practice.

Tell us about what initially interested you about taking a kids yoga teacher training?  What was your intention with this training? I initially started thinking about kids yoga because my daughter took a yoga class last summer and really enjoyed it. I have also been thinking a lot about how yoga has helped me and how I would love for my daughters to have these skills and language now so they can take it into their future. After having my first daughter, I spent several years being very sick. It was so important that I cleaned up my food and my environment. Once I felt like I had that under control for the most part, I realized how important emotional health is in the healing process. I was searching for something to help me learn strategies to help with my emotional health and wished so much that I had learned these things when I was a child. When someone told me about Young Yokes and the idea that I could teach kids yoga, I felt like it was the direction I should go! I can learn more about yoga, help my daughters, and help other kids as well! I also knew that spending more time with my daughters is an important part of my future plans. Bringing them to a kids yoga class is perfect! I look forward to learning more, teaching more, and meeting more awesome yoga kids!  I

How have you found the experience of learning how to teach kids yoga? Initially, I was nervous that I didn't know enough about yoga to be a kids yoga teacher but as I continue to observe and teach, I have realized that I will always be learning and the students have so much to teach me each class! All I can do is the best I can each class and be sure to be open to learning new things! It is also helping me let go of control in other areas of my life because the reality is that each class will never go exactly as planned when there are active little ones involved! This is not something I can control :)

What have been your biggest take-aways? Even if the students are not doing the moves, they are still listening and learning.

Where have you grown as a caretaker and a person because of the training and teaching? I feel like I will continue to learn about patience in my own life and with my own children after each class and that even little self care steps make a big difference!

Where are you currently teaching kids yoga and how has taking a training supported you in your class offerings? I have taught at the YMCA, which is such a great program. I feel completely supported and understood by the ladies at Young Yokes and know that as I continue, I will always have their support, ideas, and understanding. The training and manual has given me a better understand of what a class should look like and ideas to pull from when what I have planned only takes 15 minutes!  I'm also open to teaching private, small groups and looking forward to expanding my offerings.

What do you want to teach most to young people and how do you get your intention across in a classroom setting? I want the students to know that they have the ability to change their thinking and make a situation better by taking a few minutes of mindful breathing, stretching, or just resting. I also want them to know that yoga is accessible anywhere and at any time. The reflecting time at the end of class helps to solidify these concepts and hopefully helps them take something with them when they leave class.

What take-aways do you want young people to leave your class with?  What brings you back each week to teach kids yoga? I enjoy that the students can learn from each other and the positivity that everyone brings to class. It is hard to be upset when you are pretending to be a boat or talking on your foot phone! It helps me to focus on what is important and I love the fact that I am helping these students understand that as well, even if it is taught to them in a round about way.

Thank you so much Chelsea for your service!  We appreciate you!

**Originally posted 5.29.18

Chelsea and her two little yogis! They love taking kids yoga classes!

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