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Kids Yoga Tools #10 : Yoga Mats

Totally out of order... is it going to kill you like it is me????  Type A... working on it.

So I’ve debated about yoga mats as a tool… because kids yoga happens in so many settings that I don’t want you to think that you NEED a yoga mat… and then I gave pause.  Yoga mats are amazing… they bring a specialness to event.  I repeat, an event… and yet, as you know yoga happens all day… every day.  So yes, mats are amazing and they can support you and you can use them as tools to create an amazing classroom experience

• There’s a ton of yoga mats out there… for a ton of price points.  There are ones that are a smaller size for the little people in your life with kids friendly designs and even patterns to help teach pose form easier.  Hey, kids yoga mat people - please reply with your products (I will include them on our website as well) so our students have a good list of options out there.  We would love to the benefits behind your yoga mat as well, please.  In the meantime, search the hashtag #kidsyogamats to see some great options!

• One item I’d consider is frequency, duration and cleaning of your yoga mats.  If you’re providing mats for kids, then the must be cleaned… and if they are being cleaned on a daily bases, they will breakdown faster than a mat that isn’t experiencing regular cleaning/use.  So, if that’s the case, I’d look into spending a bit more money and buying a yoga mat that’s going to be a bit more durable.  Or, you can go the other way, buy something that’s easily replaced… and yet, you’re adding to landfills… but they can be recycled for fun crafts and accessories.  You can see why I go around in circles on this one.  

• There’s a ton of mat cleaners online and we’ve pinned a few on our Pinterest page for you to take a look at (follow social media links on bottom of page).

• So, yoga mats as tools.  Obviously, your mat is considered home base and that is by far THE most important item that a yoga mat provides.  It’s a classroom management tool and can support you in getting kids to move, energy up and then back down again with some kind of order.  

• In addition to a home base, yoga mats can be transformed into a bunch of fun transportation items… magic carpets, clouds, 18-wheelers, wagons, sleds, and so much more.  

• For a mindfulness activity, walk the edges of your yoga mat, heel-toe, to outline your space and content to the earth.

• For a group that has major wiggles, try making burritos or tamales by rolling them up in their yoga mats.  Arms in for the older ones… arms out for your littlest… once constricted, can they breathe, close their eyes and take a moment of rest.  The first time you lead this exercise, there might be some resistance… as many don’t like the feeling of being restrained.  Remind them that they are safe.  Walk them through a guided mediation.  Try it again in subsequent classes and you’ll see that their comfort level increases. 

  • As always, we’d love to hear how you incorporate yoga mats and other tools into your kids yoga classes… so please do!  

• Full list of yoga resources and links to where you can find them are on our website! Follow the link in the bio.  Reach out anytime!

**Originally published 2.19.18

Here are some great yoga mats that we have tried:Yoga Direct

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