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Kids Yoga Tools -> #6: Spiral Timers

I was amazed and still am at how kids of all ages (and adults) gravitate towards mindfulness toys like these. I can be a moment of immediate stillness... a pause... a grateful rest after moments of constant movement. Guide your young students through this new experience. Can they describe what they see; color, shape, speed....?

Take it one step further and create a story. Each person takes a turn adding to the fun.... and it’s always interesting where each group goes.

Too many grabby little hands? Try using a hoop to surround the timer. Have each one hold on to the hoop with both hands to keep the group focused. After your done watching, work as a team to lift the hoop up overhead and back down. Have fun with it and see where the kids and their imaginations lead you!

We found our spiral timers on Amazon (here) - but you can really find them everywhere!

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