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Kids Yoga Tools #3 : Music ~> Kira Willey, Dance For The Sun

It’s by far my favorite album so far.... It’s music I actually enjoy when my kids say, “play it again, mamma!” She’s got a beautiful voice and the topics are universal, fun, and inspiring. For the #kidsyogateachers out there, she even has tracks that give you an inside seat to her music live in actual classes... love to hear the creativity flow and the dialog that develops. For kids yoga class, I love to play yoga music before class, during craft time or yoga games, and after class/clean-up. Have fun with it and recognize how music can shift the energy of you or the kids in your class. My favorite track??? Colors and The Sound I Found! They are so cool! • Follow my on Spotify for kids and adult yoga class ideas, plus a lot of Swedish language music as well... for all the Swedish language speakers! 😂 mjbirney user name (Jess Kos Birney).  And HELLO!!!  Free streaming on Amazon for Prime people... love that feature, considering that prime literally runs my world.  Thank you @kirawilley for your beautiful music! 🙏♥️🙏

**Originally Posted 1.9.19

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