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Kids Yoga Tools: #4 Holoflux Flow Toy / Kinetic Spring

Regardless of what you call it, this little toy is totally addicting. Great for middle/high school ages as well as you... this can be another fidget based toy or rolling up and down your arms, more towards the sensory side.

Here's some ideas other than free play:

* Start by rolling the holoflux from arm to arm and then add the breath

* How does the breath impact how the holoflux moves?

* Connect arms with a partner and move through the same exercises.

* Can you work the holoflux at all with your legs?

* Can you incorporate the toy into story?

* Utilize it during moments of intensity to calm and or focus a child?

I mean come on.... does that smile get any better?!?

As always, I’d love to hear your ideas.... one of these days! I’m hopeful!!!! And not going anywhere. 😘 You can pick up the Holoflux that we purchased and play with here.

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