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Kids Yoga Tools: #5 Yoga or Foam Blocks

Another basic tool that gives you a lot of options. There’s lots of options at all sorts of price ranges and ultimately you can use whatever you find... kids are just happy to play, right? Uses include using the block as a balancing prop on feet/back/belly/head to bring greater body awareness (as seen in the pic with adorable Boden & Ms. Lara below). This also gives kids of focus point (don’t drop the block) and will work to hold them in postures longer... this includes the forever challenging savasana pose which can be quite the tough pose for littles. EYAH! You can also use the block in a mindfulness setting to create a walking path or stepping stones to challenge balance and focus... and then pass them from friend to friend to encourage sharing and teamwork. Really... the uses are endless, just like the practice of you. And really, that’s one of the best things that I like most about teaching kids yoga... it’s that it’s soooo creative and in the moment.... so cool!

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